Hello my lovelies. I really need to get to posting on here more! Going to get to saving more pictures in the next few days!!! 

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So I watched the documentary on Annie and I’m just SO proud of those little girls. Since I know someone in the cast (Jaidyn if you’re curious), I’ve been following their journey from the beginning. The documentary is online (well at least my dad said it was) so go watch it if you haven’t already!

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@LauraOsnes Ella gets around! Three boyfriends in two days. New record. @cinderellabway @SantinoFontana @Nick_Spangler

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Expressing Yourself givings me such mixed feelings. I enjoy it till the giant clothes come in because that’s terrifying. Like, if giant versions of my clothes started dancing with me I’d scream….


Prom [x]

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this is the old peter and a current one and im crying


He is seriously so cute it hurts.